Saturday, October 14, 2006

For years I've said that I'm an anti-feminist, that women made a big mistake when they said that they should be out of the kitchen and into the workplace.

Seriously think about it, if men across this country grew up with the idea that they had to take care of their women and children at home, maybe there would be less of all the horrible heartbreaking thing that exists out there.

The Food Network is packed with programming of women cooking and showing you how to cook. However, I find my least favorite ones are when episodes feature that seemingly independant woman pining over a lunch for her husband. This is an especially unappetizing feature of healthy appetite by Elie Krieger. There is just something very creepy about it.

I don't feel so offended by it when the Barefoot Contessa does it, because I think its because she's really fat and not so attractive, so she should do everything to try to make her man happy.

When its my time to go, I'm sure feminists will be waiting for me at the gates ready to strip me of my bra to burn it.
What do you get when you mix:
One part underage drinking with a pair of brothers and several washed up careers?

You get the House of Carters!

Thats right Aaron, you are throwing up as millions of people have trying to stomach the first few episodes of your new series.

Once you get past the first few chapters though, the show will become surprising good. I think the only successful thing this show has done is to reveal Nick Carter in a very different light. A less cornball, less paris bonking, more responsible just like me kind of light.

The most likeable thing about this show is the way that anyone who has siblings can really relate to the ranting, screaming and of course the hugs.

Even if it is through the arms of a few has beens.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hello everyone.. Ahh.. do you smell that??? Its Thursday! and we all know what that means. Time to see who catches the wild chickens first. In fact, the producers seem to be saying to us that there are really five tribes, the fifth being the Chicken Tribe, lets call this tribe "Loolee-Luka-Loo" Cause seriously. Where the heck do the producers come up with these names anyways. If you should know the answer and can come up with a better name for Team Wild Chicken, then please send an email or instant message to Marcus, cause I won't care.

I guess since this season of Survivor should be named "Survivor: Apartheid Islands" I should pick a team. I'll tell you this. I'll favor the team that makes a gourmet wild chicken meal first. If it should be Chicken Fried Rice, or Arroz con Pollo, or Fried Chicken or Chicken Parm. Either way, first team to do that gets my vote.

Upon an initial Google search of the tribe names, we come to the conclusion that the tribes are named after various locations within the Cook Islands.

However, if you just google Puka. This is what you get.
1) A Hawaiian Style Hot Dog
2) A Wikipedia entry that says "Puka" is military slang for an office cubicle with Hawaiian etymology meaning "hole".
Considering the majority of the Asian tribe seem to be cubicle jockeys. I think the producers are trying to tell us something.

When the episode starts, I can't help but think about Tom Hanks' in Castaway. In fact, the whole beginning of the episode is like the African American version of the movie. With extra moon shots for the DVD.
Woo hoo!

In their rendition of Castaway, the AITU or "The Spicy Tribe" as Arnold might reference them, have decided to continue with re-enacted scenes from Castaway by demonstrating their rendition of the "Spear through fish" move. Rachel Ray should be shook cause we're clearing talking about a 2 minute meal here. However the winner of the "Who Catches the Chicken First" award goes to the Puka tribe of Team Asian and their Asian chicken in the box Jedi mind trick. Am I the only person who has only seen this trick on cartoons and never in real life? Obviously Asians use their cubes well, thus being the Puka tribe.

I have but one question for Hollywood. What is with casting directors and their inherent need to cast side show bob type characters? I mean honestly, besides the fact that we now have Ozzy from we've got Side Show Bob, Justin Guarini, MJ from the Real World. Someone should gather up all the different versions of Side Show Bob's and watch them battle it out.

Ultimately it is Billy from the Aitu tribe that is booted off this episode of survivor. Which teaches us all a lesson. No matter what color you are. No one likes a lazy ass.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I am really loving "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels". I do not remember Gene Simmons beyond his show "Rock School with Gene Simmons".

I really think you should watch this show. He's really really real. His girlfriend had taken him to a health retreat where he was supposed to lose some weight, by eating right and exercising and this homeboy had bribed a worker to buy him some fast food and a tv. He's so real! He keeps everything real. His kids are likeable and not brats like the Osmond jerks.

Its a likeable show because he is the way you say you're gonna be if you ever become a rockstar!! Of course. We never will be. At least we can watch him have all the fun!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Best thing about this episode of Flavor of love..

Is that Hogan Knows best came on and Hulk started beating up his little man.

I am not feelin' watching Like Dat go. Read what she has to say:
Like Dat's Blog

I'm sure she'll have alot to say about it. Go to her blog.
Ok. I'm eating Tater Tots for dinner tonight.

Its kind of a shame how when we were kids, we were limited to 6 or 7 on our dollar lunch trays, where as now I can eat 60 in one serving.
As I am scooping these delicious morsels into my pie hole, I remember some new things I learned this weekend about Tater Tots.
For example.. did you know that tater tots are crushed up pieces of french fries and potatoes that are too small to cut it for the average sized french fry? (Tsk. It really is size that matters. Lets call this "Survival of the Fittest: Tubers")
This had me thinking about the last time I thought about Tater Tots and I suddenly remembered The DUGGARS!

Who are the Duggars you ask?
Well they are a family of nearly 15 or 16 people who live debt free, school themselves and have a series of TV episodes on Discovery Health.
They are cuckoooooo!
I thought my parents were paranoid control freaks! They make even the strictest Asian parents look super lax and normal!
Especially the Mom's haircut. She's cuckooooo to show up on TV with this crazy mullet thing. I understand that they want to live debt free and they buy all their clothes at the thrift store and they make their kids wear clothing coordinated to the day of the week to simplify laundry (Monday- Red.. Tuesday-Blue.. Girls wear white socks, Boys wear black socks (which equal smelly feet). ) But seriously Mama, Vidal Sasoon your butt. Your husband is not such a bad looking guy. Don't play yourself Mama.

I digress.

So what does that have to do with Tater Tots??

Well this family has come up with cheap ways to feed their cult.. er.. I mean Family.
One of their most famous recipes is

Duggar Tater Tot Casserole.

Now.. I'm only posting this recipe because I'm tagging Bee To try it. Since he was so inclined to try my 20 minute chicken soup recipe.

Anyways... I just wanted to talk about Tater Tots and how they seem to be a recent TV celebrity these days.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Last night on Project Runway the first assignment was to make an outfit with the fabrics and textiles they found in their Atlas apartments.

Now let me tell you my perspective about that.

If you watched the episode last night you would have seen that they have used primarily Ikea furniture. The reason for their cheapo ass furniture is because the apartments at the Atlas are a BAJILLION Dollars. BA-JILLION.
I know this because I tried to rent one a while back (pre PR) so imagine all those folks who come into NY and all they know is the Atlas because of what they've seen on the show.

I was genuinely pleased at the quality of the designs in the *first episode* its never like that. I was also impressed that someone cut up a bar chair. You know they ain't replacing that thing in the apartment..

So apparently on Project Runway, they have invited a Giraffe neck to the competition. I personally thought that he should have been Auf'D last night.

Last night was great. Had a PR3 premiere party with a friend from work and her circle of friends. It was fantastic. Especially the snacks. They were delicious. I had an awesome time. Mad props to my friend

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So every morning for the past month, I've been passing by this advertisement in the subway that features the beautiful Heidi Klum and that freaky looking pin cushion of contestants heads.

Secretly counting in my head ... Just 10 more days... Just 5 more days...

Now its just one more day.

I've been invited to a Project Runway 3 party at a co-workers house. I interviewed for my job at the height of last season, so I definitely associate Project Runway with my co-workers.

Anyways... If you just cannot wait for the new season of Project Runway 3 as I could not..
AOL has offered up a sneak preview of tomorrow's episode!

Check it out!

Oh and welcome to the Snacking Board. : )
What are you snacking on?